Six Tony Moly Masks You Need To Try

I am a face masks fan and love trying new things. I have tried everything from clay, bubble, magnetic masks to simple sheet masks. Tony Moly is the South Korean Cosmetic brand which is highly popular. The brand offers a wide range of products and their sheet masks are especially famous. I personally find it cheaper and affordable than the other Korean cosmetic brands.

A number of famous beauty bloggers and YouTubers tried products from Tony Moly and the results were amazing that is why it is now popular in Pakistan as well. I personally love sheet masks; the cool and soothing effect relaxes and hydrates the skin. After a long tiring summer day, I just apply one of these sheet masks on my face and relax. You can keep them in the fridge in the summers for the extra cooling effect. Here are my most favourite Tony Moly masks.

1. Tony Moly I’m Real Mask Sheet (Lemon)20171124_082929

This mask sheet from Tony Moly is super refreshing, it revitalizes the tired looking dull skin. It has lemon extracts so it is high in Vitamin-C which is good for brightening the skin. This mask is especially for the occasions when we are looking for a radiant glow and bright skin in no time. It has a nice subtle scent, I chill the masks in the fridge before applying. Apply the mask for about 20 minutes and then gently remove the mask, massage the remaining liquid in the pack and get the more soft, radiant looking skin.

2. Tony Moly I’m Real Mask Sheet (Pomegranate)20171124_083041

This pomegranate mask is also from the ‘I’m Real’ range and it promises elasticity. It firms and plumps up the skin fast. Apply the mask for 20 minutes on your face for a luxurious experience and you will get a firmer looking toned skin. It is so hydrating you don’t even need a moisturizer afterwards. Just massage the remaining serum gently with fingertips.

3. Tony Moly Tomatox Magic Massage Pack:RETRE

First of all, I absolutely love the packaging of this. The container is made to resemble a cute red tomato, it is so pretty. Basically, it is a wash off mash in cream/lotion form with a brightening effect. It has a very subtle pleasant smell and it leaves skin brighter and even toned. Apply a little on damp face and massage it for a few minutes then leave on the skin as a mask for 10 minutes and wash off. The results are visible even after first use. Do try it guys.

4. Tony Moly Panda’s Dream Eye Patch:hbjnb

Dark circles under eyes are a nightmare for many people. They make you look and feel tired all the time. Tony Moly has these cute eye mask specifically designed to target dark circles. It comes in the patches to fit the eye area and it lightens dark circles. Use it in the same way as other masks for about 15 minutes and get a more awake and fresh look instantly.

5. Megatox Bright Shot by Tony Moly:20171124_083152

Tony Moly Megatox bright shot ampoule mask is not like regular sheet mask, it comes in a packaging shaped like a syringe. I have tried the pink one which is for brightening and it impressed me so much. According to Tony Moly, it contains Glutathione which targets dark spots and makes them lighter. So, the first time when I used it I was surprised to find a rolled-up sheet mask in the syringe-shaped pack. Just leave the mask for 15 minutes on the skin and then apply remaining serum from the pack. There is so much serum in the pack that you can easily rub it on your face and neck after removing the mask. It makes the skin glow and gives a lightening effect. Highly recommended.

6.Tony Moly Master Lab Snail Mucin Sheet Mask:mnm

This mask is from Tony Moly Master Lab collection. It offers intensive damage care. If you have damaged/rough of dry skin then snail mucin is a life saver for you. Yes, I was disgusted at first. I was not sure what will it smell or feel like before using it, I was only imaging slimy snails leaving slime on my face. Yuk! But after the first use, I had no choice but to became a fan of snail mucin mask. It is so super hydrating that I can’t explain it in my humble words. Doesn’t have any unpleasant smell as I was suspecting. It repairs the skin and soothes it. Everyone with dry dull skin must try this one to moisturize and hydrate their skin.

So, these were my most favourite, super affordable Tony Moly masks for radiant skin. Comment if you have tried some of these as well. Share what results you got by using these masks. The best part of K-beauty products is the price. They are very cheap and affordable for everyone. Plus, I find k-Beauty products super cute as well. If you haven’t tried any of these yet, I highly recommend you to try a few. You won’t regret it.

Stay Blessed