Moving to a new residence is exciting and exhausting at the same time. It takes a lot of time and effort to pack your belongings and then move them safely to a new home. Many times we find our precious vases and other delicate stuff broken when we unpack after reaching the destination. Here are a few tips to help you pack smartly and make your moving process less tiring and frustrating.

  1. Wrap Everything in Newspapers:

Old newspapers can help you take your glass and fragile stuff reach safely at the new place. Just get a bunch of old newspapers and wrap the vases, Chinaware, photo frames neatly in newspapers .use two or more layers of papers for better protection.

  1. Label Your Boxes:

Always label the boxes. You can use a bold marker or stickers to mark what is in which box or bag. This way you will be able to find the items easily later.

  1. Use Big Cardboard boxes:

Use big cardboard boxes to transport your kitchenware, crockery, kitchen appliances and spices. They are spacious and allow you to pack a lot of stuff in one box.

  1. Don’t Fold Clothing:

Packing clothes can be easier if you roll them instead of folding them. This way clothes take up lesser space in your bags or suitcases. Make a different box for the small items such as socks, ties, and scarves so they don’t get lost in the process of moving.

  1. Don’t Pack Valuables:

Put all your expensive watches and jewelry in a small vanity bag or a pouch and keep this in your handbag. Don’t pack it in boxes with other items so you won’t lose or forget where you packed it.

  1. Get Rid of Clutter:

Throw away all the unwanted stuff that is crammed in your closets. We all have many dresses or make-up items that we never wear but they are resting in the closet since forever. Get rid of extra stuff while you have a chance. Moving process can be a cleaning process as well.You don’t want to take clutter along with you to your beautiful new home.

  1. Mindful transport selection:

Choose the right type and size of moving truck/van to move your belongings. Plan everything early so that on a moving day, you know how many trips are required to move all of the stuff. A bigger truck can move things in 2 or 3 trips but it fully depends on the amount of stuff that is to be moved.

Moving is always exhausting and overwhelming but you can start organizing earlier to avoid chaos.Use these tips given above to move your belongings to a new place without broken vases and lost valuables.



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Ideas to decorate a white wall


Whites and off –whites are the most popular and widely used colors when it comes to paint the house or an office. White walls around us give the neat and crisp look to the room but they can also look a bit boring sometimes. It is also a clean canvas for you to let your creativity shine. Here are a few ideas to try and make that huge white wall in your house look more appealing and soothing.


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  1. Traditional wall art using fabric:

Dark colors pop nicely against a white wall and give it a bold, striking look to the room. For this DIY décor you need a rectangular wooden board, you can use ply or hard board as well. Cut them to get two rectangular pieces of equal size. Find a piece of fabric from your old pile of clothes that has a beautiful print or pattern on it. I like to use traditional Ajrak print for this purpose because it is maroon in color which looks great against a white background. Simply wrap the fabric over the board and stick with hot glue or thumb pins at the back to make it look clean and wrinkle free on the front. Get a few pieces of small round mirrors available at any laces/buttons shop and randomly stick them on fabric with glue .Frame and hang these beautiful wall art representing Sindhi culture on your white wall and get compliments from everyone. 

  1. Green and white can never go wrong:

Green is the most refreshing color when used with white. Get two pots with medium sized Indoor plants and place them in both corners of the white wall. Pots should be simple and of one color. I recommend using Money plants; Aloe plants or the type of palm plants that comes in small or medium sizes. This simple idea will awaken and refresh the whole ambiance of the room giving it a soothing effect.


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  1. Decorate with Muffin cases:

Take few cupcake cases in red pink and blue colors. You can use these casings as flowers and make a great looking wall art for you boring white wall. Simply draw a flower basket or bouquet on a paper sheet and color it using water colors leaving the space where flowers should be. After a few minutes, stick that sheet on the wall and stick cupcake casings on the places of flowers in the basket. Arrange using different colors or two shades and you will get a beautiful flower basket. You can make umbrellas out of muffin cases too on your wall the just map out the pattern before arranging umbrellas.

  1. Try Contrast:

Black and white, two strong opposite colors that can create an amazing look when used together. For this DIY project you need a few news paper cuttings that are black and white (not colored pages), some family/random photographs that are black and white in color. Frame the paper cuttings in black plastic frames; use some black and some white frames for photos as well. Arrange the photos and cuttings randomly but in a pattern that is flattering for eye. I suggest hanging them cross ways or diagonally to achieve a great black white wall art.


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  1. Light it up:

Everyone loves fairy lights. These small lights are used to decorate walls in events, parties and Christmas trees. In Pakistan they are mostly seen at wedding events. Get a bunch of these tiny lights, arrange these twinkling lights as a group on the wall, and choose white color with some greens or yellows. This constellation type of light arrangement will brighten up the room and give a pretty magical look to it.

  1. Wall art with Plates:

There is a number of beautiful crockery at every home which is never used. This idea will allow you to make your white wall look amazing just with the plates. Take four or five plates out from you gorgeous ceramic plate’s collection. Now color of the plates is very important using white and black will be awesome if you have blue and light blue plates use them. A display of dark and light blue plates against a white wall will look beautiful as shades of blue will appear mesmerizing with the white.

 7: Wooden shelves:

The rich earthy tones of wood can add a beautiful touch to the white wall. You can decorate it by simply cutting ply wood pieces that are about 2 feet in length and make four of the same size. You can use pallets for this purpose as well. Fix these pieces beneath one another with drill machine to form a shelf. Put the second piece of wood under the first exactly where it ends .This will create a diagonal consequence which looks wonderful. This way you will get a beautiful and functional shelf that will be useful and compliments your wall at the same time.

So here are the seven ideas I could think of for a white wall that are cheap and easy to make and apply. Try a few and get tons of compliments.