Asra goes to Copacabana Churrascaria

As a foodie, I am always trying out new eateries. So, the news of a Brazilian steakhouse with awesome food in K-town made me drop everything and go to that place for lunch on a weekday. A number of my friends recommended this new Brazilian steakhouse Copacabana Churrascaria to me, so I opted for all you can eat lunch buffet and reached there around 1 pm. The staff was extremely welcoming and friendly. The interior of the restaurant was tastefully done, the lighting was perfect and the Brazilian music in the background provided a complete Brazilian experience.

The first thing that caught my eye was an extravagant salad bar with a number of different types of salads to choose from. The buffet table had a lot of different dishes, I tried some of the dishes such as okra, beef lasagne, spinach dip, Brazilian rice and Alfredo pasta from the buffet. The cream of mushroom soup was so delicious that I could not stop myself from having another bowl. I and my friend were struggling not to eat too much from the buffet menu as our meat cuts were on the grill and we had to keep the room in our stomachs for the meat.

Finally, the meat started coming. They started with the honey glazed chicken wings which I didn’t like that much. The servers quickly served us the second meat cut which was the Brazilian spicy BBQ chicken, the chicken was juicy and the spices were on point.

Mutton ribs were also delicious and cooked to perfection but for me, the best part of that lunch was the beef flank… Oh, it was out of this world, soft, juicy, spicy, moist and melts in your mouth. The spices were perfect and were not overpowering which sometimes puts me off. After all that spicy food I desperately needed a refreshing drink so we ordered the Brazilian crush and that is a super refreshing and delicious drink. We ordered one more minty drink, I do not remember its name though😊

I recommend all the meat lovers to try this place. I must say that the service was great and the carvers who were bringing and carving the meat for us from different meat selections were quick and brilliant. The restaurant is furnished sophisticatedly and provides quality food at affordable prices. Highly recommended.

Happy eating!



How to Bounce Back After Cheating On Your Diet

It has happened to all of us at some point. We have all been there when our diet is going great, we are eating healthy, losing weight gradually and suddenly we start craving something and eat what we really shouldn’t have.

In my case, I give up too soon and end up having whatever I was craving. The worst part comes afterward when you are done eating your much-loved pleasure food. It is when your brain starts thinking sensibly again and you start feeling super guilty and stressed about the food you shouldn’t have consumed. Most people cannot handle this part and end up thinking of themselves as a failure, which leads them to give up on the healthy lifestyle completely.

I have always been a chubby girl, with hypothyroid and a super-slow metabolism, I never stopped gaining weight. My weight increased with time while I kept trying different diets, exercises and what not. Recently, I have recognized a major problem in my lifestyle and I am trying to change that with more positivity. In the past, whenever I ate something bad while on a diet, I got so depressed thinking of myself as a failure with no willpower who can never do anything right. This type of thinking is so distressing because as soon as I cheated on my diet, I used to convince myself that I am unable to lose weight and went back to eating fast-food and unhealthy stuff. This yo-yo diet pattern resulted in me getting heavier than before.

I know how it feels when you are going great and this thing happens, but you have to forgive yourself and move forward. Here are a few tips to successfully get back on track after cheating on your diet.

The Day After

Most people eat very less or starve themselves the next day to balance the number of calories they had when they cheated on their diet. This approach is so wrong as starving yourself will slow down your metabolism and hinder your weight loss goals. Do not starve yourself as a punishment, you are only a human and it is ok to indulge in your favorite foods sometimes, you just need to know the right way to get back on track. Plan your day after meals and include foods with high protein, fiber, and vegetables.

The Cheat Day

As a foodie, I realized that I can never completely cut off my favorite foods from my life so I had to add a cheat day in my week. It gives me a phycological break from the restrictive food routine but it also motivates me more for the next day when I have to go back to my diet again. Most people assume that they can have anything and everything on a cheat day which is wrong! You have to remain in your senses even on a cheat day. for example, if you are craving pizza for lunch then go get a pizza on your cheat day, enjoy your pizza. However, eat something healthy like a salad or fruit for dinner, do not go overboard with the cheat day.

Double the Water Intake

Water helps to flush the toxins out of our body. After you are done binging on your favorite food and cheating on your diet, you need to get a hold of yourself and drink plenty of water. I suggest doubling the water intake on the next day to help your body flush out the toxins and keep you hydrated and full.

Don’t Be a Quitter

There is nothing you can do now after eating something that you shouldn’t have. The only and the best thing to do now is to forgive yourself and move on. Turn this mistake into a motivation for tomorrow and don’t lose hope. You are trying to change deep-rooted old habits which can not be done in a day. What you did is normal and almost all weight watchers are guilty of cheating once in a while. Take your time, be persistent and never think of quitting your diet.

There is one thing I have noticed about the cravings that they are strong but they are also temporary. If you patiently wait them out, you can get over the craving phase and stop thinking about that unhealthy food you were craving just a while before. I suggest waiting at least half an hour before you give up and eat, and drinking water to suppress that craving. However, it is totally fine if you end up binging on a cake or something you love to eat, always bounce back and take motivation from your mistake. Quitting is the worst thing you can do to your body so don’t give up and maintain a healthy life-style because you know you can do it!





Eating alone can be a discouraging experience for a lot of people. We usually hesitate to eat out at a restaurant alone and prefer to get takeouts to eat in the privacy of our homes. It is scary to know that most people around us think that if a woman is dining alone she must be a sad and lonely person. We need to break this image, if you are on your own and want to dine out at a fine restaurant that should be completely fine. Doesn’t matter if you are single or your friends were busy today, you should be able to have a great time with yourself and your food.

A few years back, I hesitated to dine out or even go shopping alone, always needed a friend or someone from my family to accompany me. I’m an independent woman who is well educated, has a stable job but being an overweight girl, I have dealt with bodily issues all my life. However, I worked hard enough to finally get over it and feel comfortable with myself in public. It takes a lot of courage to accept yourself as you are in a society where everyone is trying to enforce so-called beauty standards and you feel misfit among them. My new, more confident self was able to go anywhere, do anything and be myself without caring about people’s stares and smirks. I go to fine restaurants and dine out on my own frequently but sometimes there are those gazes that discourage you from having a good time with yourself.

Dining out solo is a difficult experience almost everywhere in the world but it is harder here in Pakistan. You may find people having coffee alone at cafés but rarely will you find people having a full three-course lunch or dinner at a fancy restaurant alone. As soon as you enter you feel that everyone including waiters at the restaurant is judging and whispering about you. A lot of times it is true but is it not good to think positive and enjoy your food in your own company? The point is why do we care so much about what people think? Why is it programmed in our minds that we cannot perform our daily chores in the outside world without caring about other’s opinion about us? Is it really an uncomfortable experience or is it more a fault of our self-consciousness?


Everyone has a busy schedule these days so it’s not easy to find a dining companion daily even if you have a long list of friends. In my case, our work hours clash, Workdays conflict so we hardly meet twice a month after long Whatsapp group chats arguing about when n where to meet including as many of us as possible. Here are a few things you can do to break this stereotype of a lonely person dining out alone and show up everywhere fully confident and beaming.

Don’t try to hide:

Do not take the last or the corner table at a restaurant just to be less visible to people. Pick the table in the center, be confident and sit up front. It is possible that a lot of times people are not even thinking about you sitting alone, maybe they are just chatting n having their food but it is your self-consciousness that makes the situation uncomfortable.

A smile doesn’t harm: 

Don’t look away awkwardly if you catch a glance of someone staring at you. Smile and look right at them, that might spark a conversation or at least you will get a smile back for sure.

Learn to be on your own:

Don’t just look at all the couples dining and start feeling pity for yourself .cherish the life you have now and feel good about yourself. Those people might not have a number of things and privileges in life that you have.

Take a good book with you:

I don’t really recommend this unless you are really anxious by the surroundings than you can take your favorite book out of your bag and enjoy reading while your food is prepared. Using the phone or listening music on your phone is ok while waiting but not too much. Sit back n enjoy the ambiance.

To create a society where everyone, particularly women have the liberty to lead their lives in their own way is a difficult and long-term process but with every other girl feeling confident and being herself, we get a step closer to a society where no one judges others, where people live and let others live.

Author :Asra Shakaib


Nan-Khatai is a type of desi cookie commonly available at every bakery in Pakistan. It is a tea- time snack made from flour ,butter and sugar. I used to like it but I wasn’t a fan until I tried Nan-Khatai from Khalifa bakers Lahore. Someone went to Lahore and brought a box of this deliciousness as a gift .Living in Karachi , all I knew about Lahore specialties was phajje key Pae. This Nan-khatai is so yummy and fine in quality; I suggest everyone going Lahore must bring dozens of it on their way back. Here are a few things that make it so special…

  1. The Texture: First thing you notice in a biscuit is the freshness and crunchiness of it. This Nan-khatai is so crunchy and delicious that it can easily get anyone addicted to it.
  2. The scrumptious Almonds: Nan-khatai from Khalifa is full of fried whole Almonds which makes it extra mouth-watering and chewy. The taste of Almonds with the sweetness of Khatai is just heavenly.
  3. Desi Ghee Ki Khushboo: Anyone can tell after the first bite that this Nan Khatai is prepared in Desi ghee. I used to hate the scent of Desi ghee but this product made me fall in love with the rich aroma of Desi ghee.
  4. Melts in the Mouth: You will fall in love with it because of its melt in mouth texture.It is so addictive and scrumptious that even I’m drooling while writing this post. This is my personal opinion about this Nan-khatai that I wanted to share with  you guys. I have never visited Khalifa Bakers but I’m sure that every other thing  there must be as good as these Nan-Khatais. I think it is a great gift to bring for your friends and relatives when coming back from Lahore.


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