Bean loves plants

I absolutely adore doggos but prefer cats coz I usually don’t get enough time to walk the dogs which is important to keep them healthy. I have two four-year-old kitties named Coco (girl) and Bean (boy).For me, “The Anti Cat brigade” is basically anyone who hates cats or cat owners. In past four years since I got cats, I heard so many things over and over and always chose to be polite while ignoring stupid suggestions and mean questions.There is so much negative discussion about cats that I started wondering why do people have a problem with cats. I mean, isn’t it rude enough that ignorant people around us already refer to a woman who has cats as crazy? Have you ever heard of a crazy dog lady, crazy fish guy or crazy parrot lady? There are a number of things you probably have heard if you also have little furry friends. So here are the types of the anti-cat people.

The self-proclaimed doctor who is too concerned about your health:


This person is really worried about your health and warns you about the dangers of cat fur every time you meet them. They are usually like “Oh, do you know you can get Asthma if you keep cats?” or “Hey I’m just worried about you, you will probably get an allergy or some skin disease if you keep letting your cats on your bed. Firstly, my cats are vaccinated and healthy; they are indoor cats so I’m not worried at all about getting any of the diseases mentioned above. Also, they are short hair cats and shed quite less, so I’m not getting asthma anytime soon.

The expert on cat psychology:


These people will keep telling you that your cat doesn’t love you. They own you and you are just their slave. Well honey, I’m happy to be a slave of my cats if feeding them on time makes me one in your eyes. Cats are independent and moody animals but trust me they are super affectionate animals as well. Once I had to go out of town and left my cats with my parents who fed them on time, cleaned litter boxes and took good care of them but still when I came back, both my cats were sick. Every day for seven days, they kept sitting at the front door waiting for me. My parents told me that they came running to the door every time they heard a doorbell while I was away. It was obvious that they missed me. Just like dogs, they love you; they just don’t show it as a dog would.

The Person who don’t want you to go bankrupt:


This guy’s biggest concern is your spending. Trust me, a lot of people ask me how much money I spend monthly on their food and litter, I never tell the right amount though (which is quite a lot) ;). I just ignore or try to change the topic but this question irritates me the most. They would also advise you about how much you can actually save if you get rid of cats. Arghhh

The scared one:


There is one person in your family/friends who is super scared of cats. They won’t enter a room where your cat is chilling. They would ask you to remove the sleeping cat from the sofa because they want to sit there. The trouble with such people is that they start screaming on top of their lungs as soon as the cat comes near them. I mean, Hello!!! The kitty is just saying Hi to you. These people scare the poor cats with their screams.


Bean on his birthday

Fortunately, there are many cat lovers around us as well.I call them “The kitty clan” they are my favorite people, they love cats just like you do. Some of them have a cat and some just cannot keep them as pets because of different reasons. They usually are your cousins or friends who really like your cat. They would come and cuddle with your furry friends, snuggle with them, give them a lot of belly rubs, take tons of selfies with them and leave your house happy with a coating of cat hair all over their clothes. These people are the ones I want around me to fight back and scare away with the anti-cat brigade.


Coco the queen







Are you a Disney fan? Have you watched all the movies and shows that use to be on Disney in early 2000’s? I was super obsessed with Disney channel and still remember practice drawing the Disney logo in the air just like the kids on Disney channel did during the commercial breaks. Out of so many shows on the channel, there were four I never ever missed. Come take a trip down the memory lane with me.

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody


Zack and Cody Martin, the twin boys (Cole and Dylan Sprouse) were the cutest things on TV back in 2005.My favorite part of the show was Miss London Tipton 😉 Her shopping craze, funny style, and huge wardrobe was amazing. Brenda song did a great job of hilarious acting as London along with friend Maddie. And let’s not forget Mr. Moseby, that dude was witty and cute. All of the characters were shown living at Tipton hotel; I remember how much I loved watching this show. Later there was a sequel of the show called “The suite life on deck” where they all are living on a cruise ship instead of the hotel. It was equally funny.


Hannah Montana


Back in the day, I was in love with Hannah Montana and watched every show on TV, even if I saw it already like 28 times.The theme song was so catchy and the show was hilarious and an entertainment for everyone. It was meant for kids and teens but I know many adults who use to watch it just like their younger brothers or sisters did. Every character in that show was awesome. I loved Rico, the arguments and fights between him and Jackson were hilarious. The friendship of Lilly and Miley made me want a friend who is that close to me as they were to each other. Miley Cyrus gained a pretty bad reputation some years back.The show recieved criticism and was even considered a bad influence on kids at a point because of her but the Miley I remember was a beautiful girl who was funny and always smiling in her character “Hannah Montana”.

Wizards of Waverly Place


Selena Gomez (Alex Russo) is a famous singer now but I still remember her as the cute bubbly teenage girl who happened to know magic as well. I spent a lot of my afternoons watching this show and laughing at the crazy and funny situations these siblings ran into. This show was full of fun magical adventures of the Russo family who are wizards and own a sandwich shop as well.

 Cory in the house


Started around 2007, Cory in the house was also a great show on Disney. It was about a boy named Cory who’s father worked at the white house as a head chef. He is the brother of Raven Baxter from “That’s so Raven”. Cory, Meena and the president’s daughter Sophie made this show so witty.

So these were a few of my favorite shows on Disney but there are so many others that I use to watch like “Lizzie McGuire” and “That’s so Raven”. So, after writing this post my plan for tonight is to binge watch my favorite episodes all of these shows. 😉 It is gonna be a great weekend for me.

Have a great weekend everyone. 🙂




Remember waiting to harvest your crops and rushing to feed your animals in “Farmville” game you used to play on your Facebook? Now don’t tell me you did not play Farmville at least once in your life! A huge number of Facebook users played that game a while ago. Farmville by Zynga was the most played game on FB that kept people engaged and keep coming back on their social media to check on their crops in the game. Later Farmville2 was available for smartphones and it was as popular as Farmville. When it comes to Android gaming apps, there are a number of games that used to be on everyone’s phone and now mostly forgotten about. Every day there are more and more new apps pouring in with better graphics, lesser glitches, and great animations so people tend to get bored with a particular game and uninstall it but there is always something new in the market for them to download and play.

Here are a few games that were all the rage once and now they are not as popular as they used to be.

ANGRY BIRDS: ba52e22b5d78a45f36f99906abd39c1afee0c1bb

Who doesn’t love angry birds? Those cute furry birds were so loved a while back and are still quite admired. There was a time when I used to keep killing those bad piggies by hitting them with my cute chubby birds all day long. Angrybirds series by Rovio was highly popular among kids and teens; it was a good way for spending your free time. There are a number of games in Angry birds series such as Angrybirds Rio, Angrybirds space etc. This game is not as popular these days as it was before.

FARMVILLE 2 Country Escape:farmville-2.jpg

FarmVille 2 by Zynga came around in 2014 and it was available for smartphones. It also had the same features like planting and harvesting crops, feeding animals and other farm stuff. I got tired of it quite soon and uninstalled Farmville. It was entertaining but time-consuming so I thought it was enough farming for me and got rid of my farm 😦

CANDY CRUSH SAGA:candy-crush2.jpg

Candy crush by King was so popular that it became annoying after a while. Remember logging on to your Facebook and there are like 28 notifications informing you about candy crush requests. It is an addictive game where you match and swap similar candies to remove them from the board. It is a good puzzle game but became a headache so I deleted like many other people who loved it. Candy crush is also less popular now than it was a few years back.



Published by Imangi studios, Temple run was an exciting running game that people loved. We used to spend our extra time by running endlessly avoiding the obstacles and monster monkeys in the temple. It had pretty cool graphics which I loved. Unfortunately, like many other games, it started boring me and got deleted as well.



It is also a running game by Kiloo. It was played by a huge number of people including kids, teens and adults as well. In Subway surfers, a character has to run away from a cop, collect coins and avoid trains. It is highly entertaining in the beginning but boring after some time.

There are a number of people who still love and passionately play the games listed above.However,there is a decline in overall popularity and they are not as popular than they used to be.

There are new games and apps launching everyday but everything gets uninteresting after sometime. For example there is this new game called Ludostar which is highly popular in Pakistan .Mostly you will find users that are Indians, Pakistanis and Saudis. It is a plain old board game that is in almost every house in Pakistan but the phone version got so popular because it had a chat feature as well. You can talk to you opponent while playing. I think this feature is the reason why Ludostar is famous, people are using it more as a chat tool. As I said ,everything becomes unexciting after a while so let’s see how long this game will last.




Studying abroad is something a lot of people dream of .It is a life time opportunity when you are able to study and quench your thirst for travel at the same time. It allows people to see new places, learn new languages and explore different cultures during their study period. There are many good universities in Sweden that offer degree programs for international students. Admission procedure is very simple; all you need is access to their admission website,find the course you are interested in,have  a good score in an English language proficiency test such as IELTS or TOEFL and an excellent academic record.


Life far from home:

The experience can be life changing for many students as they get to meet different people from all over the world and learn new things. Living in Sweden is a beautiful and memorable experience. The stunning greenery everywhere soothes the tired eyes, very old but well kept brick buildings and churches keep the students admiring their architectural beauty. The food is awesome and the people are very polite and helpful. Living alone also give students a sense of freedom and responsibility. As far as the study is concerned, the student-teacher environment is very friendly is Sweden sometimes the teacher even asks people to call them using their names. No formalities are required which creates a friendly relation between them that later helps in communicating better.

Difficulties of studying abroad

  1. HomesicknessDQmT8cHH93aie9NBJGUwMAzoe9NWQXBNNTL6SLCp19YhKYK.jpg

Apart from all the good aspects of living and studying abroad, the problems international students face cannot be ignored. Homesickness is the first problem that is seen among the new students. Leaving the home and family behind to study in a different country causes mental and emotional problems which effect Studies.My University had a doctor assigned particularly to do the counseling of students who are suffering from home sickness. They offer solutions and short breaks even during an ongoing semester if the student seems extremely disheartened.

  1. Financial problemspiggybank_alamy_2345218b

Most of the international students are usually from developing countries and living in Europe is too expensive for them. Most common problem is paying for the accommodation; even if it’s a dorm room it can cost a lot if you are from a developing country because of the difference in the value of currency. Food is not that expensive in Sweden but transport is very costly so many students work part time to improve their financial condition. Swedes usually ride bicycles to travel short distances and students do the same to avoid paying for buses and to keep the environment clean.

  1. Extreme weather 

Sweden is a cold Scandinavian country. Most of its cities are cold throughout the year, so if you can’t manage to travel and work in negative temperatures wearing ten layers of clothing you should not choose it as your destination.


My amazing freinds

The problems people face during their study period are not that big if we look at the good things studying abroad offers us. I studied and lived there for three years and like every other student who went there, I can also say that it was the best time of my life. The culture, food, lifestyle and natural beauty is mesmerizing. People are nice and helpful, the food is delicious. You make a lot of new friends from different countries and this diversity in classroom is the most awesome part of studying abroad. Literacy rate of Sweden is 99% which is admirable because everyone has an equal right to study. Studying abroad is a great opportunity which more students should try and Sweden can be a good destination for this purpose. It changed me as a person, broadened my mind and taught me how to love and respect different cultures.





Asra says


Eating alone can be a discouraging experience for a lot of people. We usually hesitate to eat out at a restaurant alone and prefer to get takeouts to eat in the privacy of our homes. It is scary to know that most people around us think that if a woman is dining alone she must be a sad and lonely person. We need to break this image, if you are on your own and want to dine out at a fine restaurant that should be completely fine. Doesn’t matter if you are single or your friends were busy today, you should be able to have a great time with yourself and your food.

A few years back, I hesitated to dine out or even go shopping alone, always needed a friend or someone from my family to accompany me. I’m an independent woman who is well educated, has a stable…

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Eating alone can be a discouraging experience for a lot of people. We usually hesitate to eat out at a restaurant alone and prefer to get takeouts to eat in the privacy of our homes. It is scary to know that most people around us think that if a woman is dining alone she must be a sad and lonely person. We need to break this image, if you are on your own and want to dine out at a fine restaurant that should be completely fine. Doesn’t matter if you are single or your friends were busy today, you should be able to have a great time with yourself and your food.

A few years back, I hesitated to dine out or even go shopping alone, always needed a friend or someone from my family to accompany me. I’m an independent woman who is well educated, has a stable job but being an overweight girl, I have dealt with bodily issues all my life. However, I worked hard enough to finally get over it and feel comfortable with myself in public. It takes a lot of courage to accept yourself as you are in a society where everyone is trying to enforce so-called beauty standards and you feel misfit among them. My new, more confident self was able to go anywhere, do anything and be myself without caring about people’s stares and smirks. I go to fine restaurants and dine out on my own frequently but sometimes there are those gazes that discourage you from having a good time with yourself.

Dining out solo is a difficult experience almost everywhere in the world but it is harder here in Pakistan. You may find people having coffee alone at cafés but rarely will you find people having a full three-course lunch or dinner at a fancy restaurant alone. As soon as you enter you feel that everyone including waiters at the restaurant is judging and whispering about you. A lot of times it is true but is it not good to think positive and enjoy your food in your own company? The point is why do we care so much about what people think? Why is it programmed in our minds that we cannot perform our daily chores in the outside world without caring about other’s opinion about us? Is it really an uncomfortable experience or is it more a fault of our self-consciousness?


Everyone has a busy schedule these days so it’s not easy to find a dining companion daily even if you have a long list of friends. In my case, our work hours clash, Workdays conflict so we hardly meet twice a month after long Whatsapp group chats arguing about when n where to meet including as many of us as possible. Here are a few things you can do to break this stereotype of a lonely person dining out alone and show up everywhere fully confident and beaming.

Don’t try to hide:

Do not take the last or the corner table at a restaurant just to be less visible to people. Pick the table in the center, be confident and sit up front. It is possible that a lot of times people are not even thinking about you sitting alone, maybe they are just chatting n having their food but it is your self-consciousness that makes the situation uncomfortable.

A smile doesn’t harm: 

Don’t look away awkwardly if you catch a glance of someone staring at you. Smile and look right at them, that might spark a conversation or at least you will get a smile back for sure.

Learn to be on your own:

Don’t just look at all the couples dining and start feeling pity for yourself .cherish the life you have now and feel good about yourself. Those people might not have a number of things and privileges in life that you have.

Take a good book with you:

I don’t really recommend this unless you are really anxious by the surroundings than you can take your favorite book out of your bag and enjoy reading while your food is prepared. Using the phone or listening music on your phone is ok while waiting but not too much. Sit back n enjoy the ambiance.

To create a society where everyone, particularly women have the liberty to lead their lives in their own way is a difficult and long-term process but with every other girl feeling confident and being herself, we get a step closer to a society where no one judges others, where people live and let others live.

Author :Asra Shakaib

Ideas to decorate a white wall


Whites and off –whites are the most popular and widely used colors when it comes to paint the house or an office. White walls around us give the neat and crisp look to the room but they can also look a bit boring sometimes. It is also a clean canvas for you to let your creativity shine. Here are a few ideas to try and make that huge white wall in your house look more appealing and soothing.


Image source :

  1. Traditional wall art using fabric:

Dark colors pop nicely against a white wall and give it a bold, striking look to the room. For this DIY décor you need a rectangular wooden board, you can use ply or hard board as well. Cut them to get two rectangular pieces of equal size. Find a piece of fabric from your old pile of clothes that has a beautiful print or pattern on it. I like to use traditional Ajrak print for this purpose because it is maroon in color which looks great against a white background. Simply wrap the fabric over the board and stick with hot glue or thumb pins at the back to make it look clean and wrinkle free on the front. Get a few pieces of small round mirrors available at any laces/buttons shop and randomly stick them on fabric with glue .Frame and hang these beautiful wall art representing Sindhi culture on your white wall and get compliments from everyone. 

  1. Green and white can never go wrong:

Green is the most refreshing color when used with white. Get two pots with medium sized Indoor plants and place them in both corners of the white wall. Pots should be simple and of one color. I recommend using Money plants; Aloe plants or the type of palm plants that comes in small or medium sizes. This simple idea will awaken and refresh the whole ambiance of the room giving it a soothing effect.


Image Source:

  1. Decorate with Muffin cases:

Take few cupcake cases in red pink and blue colors. You can use these casings as flowers and make a great looking wall art for you boring white wall. Simply draw a flower basket or bouquet on a paper sheet and color it using water colors leaving the space where flowers should be. After a few minutes, stick that sheet on the wall and stick cupcake casings on the places of flowers in the basket. Arrange using different colors or two shades and you will get a beautiful flower basket. You can make umbrellas out of muffin cases too on your wall the just map out the pattern before arranging umbrellas.

  1. Try Contrast:

Black and white, two strong opposite colors that can create an amazing look when used together. For this DIY project you need a few news paper cuttings that are black and white (not colored pages), some family/random photographs that are black and white in color. Frame the paper cuttings in black plastic frames; use some black and some white frames for photos as well. Arrange the photos and cuttings randomly but in a pattern that is flattering for eye. I suggest hanging them cross ways or diagonally to achieve a great black white wall art.


Image source :


  1. Light it up:

Everyone loves fairy lights. These small lights are used to decorate walls in events, parties and Christmas trees. In Pakistan they are mostly seen at wedding events. Get a bunch of these tiny lights, arrange these twinkling lights as a group on the wall, and choose white color with some greens or yellows. This constellation type of light arrangement will brighten up the room and give a pretty magical look to it.

  1. Wall art with Plates:

There is a number of beautiful crockery at every home which is never used. This idea will allow you to make your white wall look amazing just with the plates. Take four or five plates out from you gorgeous ceramic plate’s collection. Now color of the plates is very important using white and black will be awesome if you have blue and light blue plates use them. A display of dark and light blue plates against a white wall will look beautiful as shades of blue will appear mesmerizing with the white.

 7: Wooden shelves:

The rich earthy tones of wood can add a beautiful touch to the white wall. You can decorate it by simply cutting ply wood pieces that are about 2 feet in length and make four of the same size. You can use pallets for this purpose as well. Fix these pieces beneath one another with drill machine to form a shelf. Put the second piece of wood under the first exactly where it ends .This will create a diagonal consequence which looks wonderful. This way you will get a beautiful and functional shelf that will be useful and compliments your wall at the same time.

So here are the seven ideas I could think of for a white wall that are cheap and easy to make and apply. Try a few and get tons of compliments.