How to Bounce Back After Cheating On Your Diet

It has happened to all of us at some point. We have all been there when our diet is going great, we are eating healthy, losing weight gradually and suddenly we start craving something and eat what we really shouldn’t have.

In my case, I give up too soon and end up having whatever I was craving. The worst part comes afterward when you are done eating your much-loved pleasure food. It is when your brain starts thinking sensibly again and you start feeling super guilty and stressed about the food you shouldn’t have consumed. Most people cannot handle this part and end up thinking of themselves as a failure, which leads them to give up on the healthy lifestyle completely.

I have always been a chubby girl, with hypothyroid and a super-slow metabolism, I never stopped gaining weight. My weight increased with time while I kept trying different diets, exercises and what not. Recently, I have recognized a major problem in my lifestyle and I am trying to change that with more positivity. In the past, whenever I ate something bad while on a diet, I got so depressed thinking of myself as a failure with no willpower who can never do anything right. This type of thinking is so distressing because as soon as I cheated on my diet, I used to convince myself that I am unable to lose weight and went back to eating fast-food and unhealthy stuff. This yo-yo diet pattern resulted in me getting heavier than before.

I know how it feels when you are going great and this thing happens, but you have to forgive yourself and move forward. Here are a few tips to successfully get back on track after cheating on your diet.

The Day After

Most people eat very less or starve themselves the next day to balance the number of calories they had when they cheated on their diet. This approach is so wrong as starving yourself will slow down your metabolism and hinder your weight loss goals. Do not starve yourself as a punishment, you are only a human and it is ok to indulge in your favorite foods sometimes, you just need to know the right way to get back on track. Plan your day after meals and include foods with high protein, fiber, and vegetables.

The Cheat Day

As a foodie, I realized that I can never completely cut off my favorite foods from my life so I had to add a cheat day in my week. It gives me a phycological break from the restrictive food routine but it also motivates me more for the next day when I have to go back to my diet again. Most people assume that they can have anything and everything on a cheat day which is wrong! You have to remain in your senses even on a cheat day. for example, if you are craving pizza for lunch then go get a pizza on your cheat day, enjoy your pizza. However, eat something healthy like a salad or fruit for dinner, do not go overboard with the cheat day.

Double the Water Intake

Water helps to flush the toxins out of our body. After you are done binging on your favorite food and cheating on your diet, you need to get a hold of yourself and drink plenty of water. I suggest doubling the water intake on the next day to help your body flush out the toxins and keep you hydrated and full.

Don’t Be a Quitter

There is nothing you can do now after eating something that you shouldn’t have. The only and the best thing to do now is to forgive yourself and move on. Turn this mistake into a motivation for tomorrow and don’t lose hope. You are trying to change deep-rooted old habits which can not be done in a day. What you did is normal and almost all weight watchers are guilty of cheating once in a while. Take your time, be persistent and never think of quitting your diet.

There is one thing I have noticed about the cravings that they are strong but they are also temporary. If you patiently wait them out, you can get over the craving phase and stop thinking about that unhealthy food you were craving just a while before. I suggest waiting at least half an hour before you give up and eat, and drinking water to suppress that craving. However, it is totally fine if you end up binging on a cake or something you love to eat, always bounce back and take motivation from your mistake. Quitting is the worst thing you can do to your body so don’t give up and maintain a healthy life-style because you know you can do it!



Six Tony Moly Masks You Need To Try

I am a face masks fan and love trying new things. I have tried everything from clay, bubble, magnetic masks to simple sheet masks. Tony Moly is the South Korean Cosmetic brand which is highly popular. The brand offers a wide range of products and their sheet masks are especially famous. I personally find it cheaper and affordable than the other Korean cosmetic brands.

A number of famous beauty bloggers and YouTubers tried products from Tony Moly and the results were amazing that is why it is now popular in Pakistan as well. I personally love sheet masks; the cool and soothing effect relaxes and hydrates the skin. After a long tiring summer day, I just apply one of these sheet masks on my face and relax. You can keep them in the fridge in the summers for the extra cooling effect. Here are my most favourite Tony Moly masks.

1. Tony Moly I’m Real Mask Sheet (Lemon)20171124_082929

This mask sheet from Tony Moly is super refreshing, it revitalizes the tired looking dull skin. It has lemon extracts so it is high in Vitamin-C which is good for brightening the skin. This mask is especially for the occasions when we are looking for a radiant glow and bright skin in no time. It has a nice subtle scent, I chill the masks in the fridge before applying. Apply the mask for about 20 minutes and then gently remove the mask, massage the remaining liquid in the pack and get the more soft, radiant looking skin.

2. Tony Moly I’m Real Mask Sheet (Pomegranate)20171124_083041

This pomegranate mask is also from the ‘I’m Real’ range and it promises elasticity. It firms and plumps up the skin fast. Apply the mask for 20 minutes on your face for a luxurious experience and you will get a firmer looking toned skin. It is so hydrating you don’t even need a moisturizer afterwards. Just massage the remaining serum gently with fingertips.

3. Tony Moly Tomatox Magic Massage Pack:RETRE

First of all, I absolutely love the packaging of this. The container is made to resemble a cute red tomato, it is so pretty. Basically, it is a wash off mash in cream/lotion form with a brightening effect. It has a very subtle pleasant smell and it leaves skin brighter and even toned. Apply a little on damp face and massage it for a few minutes then leave on the skin as a mask for 10 minutes and wash off. The results are visible even after first use. Do try it guys.

4. Tony Moly Panda’s Dream Eye Patch:hbjnb

Dark circles under eyes are a nightmare for many people. They make you look and feel tired all the time. Tony Moly has these cute eye mask specifically designed to target dark circles. It comes in the patches to fit the eye area and it lightens dark circles. Use it in the same way as other masks for about 15 minutes and get a more awake and fresh look instantly.

5. Megatox Bright Shot by Tony Moly:20171124_083152

Tony Moly Megatox bright shot ampoule mask is not like regular sheet mask, it comes in a packaging shaped like a syringe. I have tried the pink one which is for brightening and it impressed me so much. According to Tony Moly, it contains Glutathione which targets dark spots and makes them lighter. So, the first time when I used it I was surprised to find a rolled-up sheet mask in the syringe-shaped pack. Just leave the mask for 15 minutes on the skin and then apply remaining serum from the pack. There is so much serum in the pack that you can easily rub it on your face and neck after removing the mask. It makes the skin glow and gives a lightening effect. Highly recommended.

6.Tony Moly Master Lab Snail Mucin Sheet Mask:mnm

This mask is from Tony Moly Master Lab collection. It offers intensive damage care. If you have damaged/rough of dry skin then snail mucin is a life saver for you. Yes, I was disgusted at first. I was not sure what will it smell or feel like before using it, I was only imaging slimy snails leaving slime on my face. Yuk! But after the first use, I had no choice but to became a fan of snail mucin mask. It is so super hydrating that I can’t explain it in my humble words. Doesn’t have any unpleasant smell as I was suspecting. It repairs the skin and soothes it. Everyone with dry dull skin must try this one to moisturize and hydrate their skin.

So, these were my most favourite, super affordable Tony Moly masks for radiant skin. Comment if you have tried some of these as well. Share what results you got by using these masks. The best part of K-beauty products is the price. They are very cheap and affordable for everyone. Plus, I find k-Beauty products super cute as well. If you haven’t tried any of these yet, I highly recommend you to try a few. You won’t regret it.

Stay Blessed


A Look Inside My Make-up bag

A Look Inside My Make-up bag

I have always been very interested in cosmetic products. Bright lipsticks and blushes attracted me. I was the child that would experiment with their mom’s make-up all the time and get caught red-handed as well as red-faced with eyeshadows and lipsticks all over. In my teens, I loved dolling up myself and my younger cousins by applying brightest eyeshadows and glossy pink lipsticks on them. Over the time, my makeup bag evolved and now it has more subtle colors of eyeshadows and a lot of nudes and browns for lip colors. Here I am sharing my must-have makeup items with you guys. Comment below if you also have the same products in your makeup bag.

Elf Poreless Face Primer



Elf poreless face primer is the best drugstore primer I have ever tried. It is easy on the pocket and gives remarkable results. It makes my skin so smooth and flawless and makes a perfect base to apply any foundation. You can get the small bottle only for $6 which is quite a reasonable amount.

L.A Girl HD Pro Conceal Concealer


L.A girl Pro Conceal concealer comes in numerous shades that I can use but I mostly prefer shades GC977-warm sand and GC980-Cool Tan. It is a super affordable and full coverage concealer with creamy yet light texture. I have seen many beauty gurus use this drugstore $5 concealer along with their super expensive high-end foundations as it gives the same result as any costly concealer would. It also has a few color correctors which perfectly hide redness and blemishes for smooth and flawless makeup application. Highly recommended.

Maybelline Great Lash


I have literally tried dozens of mascaras so far. Every mascara that I found decent was really expensive but this one mascara by Maybelline is a life saver. It is ‘Maybelline great lash’ in the color ‘Blackest black’. I swear by this mascara as it gives me thicker and darker lashes throughout the day. Girls, do try this mascara for only $6 and get those dark, dramatic eyelashes you always wanted.

ColorPop X Hello Kitty Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick ‘Ribbon’


Everyone loves a good red lipstick. However, women always seem to struggle to find the right shade of red according to their skin tone. I am from Pakistan and I have dusky complexion so finding a good red was a challenge for me but once I found ‘Ribbon’ by ColorPop, my search was over. It is such a pretty colour and looks amazing on darker, duskier complexions. It is a blue-based red and I am positive it looks pretty on darker skin tones and I also believe it will look incredible almost on every skin color. So, if you have a lighter skin tone and you also found it amazing than do let me know in the comments below. Ribbon by ColorPop is super pigmented, stays for 10 hours and retails for only $ 6.

L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Powder


My makeup bag always has a good powder in it as I have oily skin and I need to set my foundation with a powder for it to stay. L’Oréal Paris infallible powder in ‘Sunbeige’ is my favorite powder because it absorbs excess oil and gives me a shine-free skin for up to 10 hours. I use it to set my foundation and for touch-ups during the day. It is around $12 and totally worth the cost. 

Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Lipstick in ‘Intense Nude’


This lipstick is very expensive for me but it is also my favorite winter lipstick. I love nude lipsticks and I use the shade ‘Intense Nude’ I love how it gives perfect coverage in just one swipe. I wish it was not that expensive but still, I buy this luxury and absolutely love it. It is a super creamy, hydrating, and sculpting formula that gives extra shine and softens your lips. Even on the days when my lips are badly chapped, I use this lipstick to make my lips feel super hydrated and keep them moisturized throughout the day.

There are so many other things in my makeup bag such as Eyeliners, Lip pencils, and lip glosses but I only listed my favorite items here. These are my must-haves and I can’t survive a day without them. The only expensive item here is the Estee Lauder’s Lipstick, but trust me it is so hydrating and pretty that it is totally worth the cost.

Stay Blessed