Ten things to do before you are thirty!!

45 things you need to do before you die…

I am sure every one of us is aware of such bucket lists. The to-do list is something everyone has created in their lives to achieve some sort of goal; such as ‘Must lose 10 kg before Christmas’ or ‘Save money to visit Europe this year’ etc. Sometimes setting goals like this work wonders for people as it helps them to stay focused and keeps them motivated. What I am talking about here today is the type of adventurous and bankrupting bucket list ideas we follow that are written for us by some random person we don’t even know.hhh

This random collection of activities looks very promising and eye-catching. The ideas suggested promise to give you the eventual contentment but the writers fail to realize that every individual has a different idea of pleasure and happiness. Social media is an amazing platform for everyone, it has numerous benefits but what happened with time is that young people forgot how to enjoy the moment they are living right now. We go to places, keep taking selfies and don’t live that moment fully. I take a lot of selfies myself but if I am at a place I wanted to see, I would want to enjoy and live that very moment and of course take pictures later.

We all have some things that we want to do out of our comfort zones but we are not passionate about them. I have read so many bucket list ideas on the internet that I sometimes that I feel I didn’t accomplish anything in life according to them. I didn’t go skydiving, mountain climbing, bungee jumping and gliding before my 25th birthday as they suggested. This is sometimes difficult and unrealistic for people living in different living conditions across the world.

If you must make a bucket list you should make a list of things that actually make you happy. Make your own and a personalized list of things or activities you like. For example, if you are claustrophobic and a travel bucket-list suggests visiting a salt mine in Poland that reaches a depth of 300 meters, will it make you happy? It might be a great adventure and a fun thing to do for your friends but because of your condition, the idea of going so deep down scares you and you are unable to enjoy the experience with them. So, our to-do lists should consist of the things we are passionate about, things that are not too bizarre or extravagant, places we always wanted to visit and cuisines we always wanted to try!! Follow your inner voice if you are in search of true happiness because no one knows us better than ourselves.

Why I do not have a bucket list? It is simply because when we follow these lists, we take our idea of happiness from others such as media, friends and our social circle. These adventures might bring happiness to some people but they won’t give the same amount of happiness to others with different mindsets, likes, and dislikes. The idea of joy and success should be formed individually by us keeping our passion in mind. Always plan to do what you know brings you the pleasure, not something that will look cool on your Instagram. For example; Travel, food, and shopping give me the ultimate joy. Travel is my passion but I get more excited with the idea of exploring new cultures and cuisines than going for gliding or bungee jumping from a mountain. Be excited about future, what life is going to throw your way. Experience and enjoy the current moment, don’t dwell on past and live life how you want to live it.

Stay Blessed



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