Bean loves plants

I absolutely adore doggos but prefer cats coz I usually don’t get enough time to walk the dogs which is important to keep them healthy. I have two four-year-old kitties named Coco (girl) and Bean (boy).For me, “The Anti Cat brigade” is basically anyone who hates cats or cat owners. In past four years since I got cats, I heard so many things over and over and always chose to be polite while ignoring stupid suggestions and mean questions.There is so much negative discussion about cats that I started wondering why do people have a problem with cats. I mean, isn’t it rude enough that ignorant people around us already refer to a woman who has cats as crazy? Have you ever heard of a crazy dog lady, crazy fish guy or crazy parrot lady? There are a number of things you probably have heard if you also have little furry friends. So here are the types of the anti-cat people.

The self-proclaimed doctor who is too concerned about your health:


This person is really worried about your health and warns you about the dangers of cat fur every time you meet them. They are usually like “Oh, do you know you can get Asthma if you keep cats?” or “Hey I’m just worried about you, you will probably get an allergy or some skin disease if you keep letting your cats on your bed. Firstly, my cats are vaccinated and healthy; they are indoor cats so I’m not worried at all about getting any of the diseases mentioned above. Also, they are short hair cats and shed quite less, so I’m not getting asthma anytime soon.

The expert on cat psychology:


These people will keep telling you that your cat doesn’t love you. They own you and you are just their slave. Well honey, I’m happy to be a slave of my cats if feeding them on time makes me one in your eyes. Cats are independent and moody animals but trust me they are super affectionate animals as well. Once I had to go out of town and left my cats with my parents who fed them on time, cleaned litter boxes and took good care of them but still when I came back, both my cats were sick. Every day for seven days, they kept sitting at the front door waiting for me. My parents told me that they came running to the door every time they heard a doorbell while I was away. It was obvious that they missed me. Just like dogs, they love you; they just don’t show it as a dog would.

The Person who don’t want you to go bankrupt:


This guy’s biggest concern is your spending. Trust me, a lot of people ask me how much money I spend monthly on their food and litter, I never tell the right amount though (which is quite a lot) ;). I just ignore or try to change the topic but this question irritates me the most. They would also advise you about how much you can actually save if you get rid of cats. Arghhh

The scared one:


There is one person in your family/friends who is super scared of cats. They won’t enter a room where your cat is chilling. They would ask you to remove the sleeping cat from the sofa because they want to sit there. The trouble with such people is that they start screaming on top of their lungs as soon as the cat comes near them. I mean, Hello!!! The kitty is just saying Hi to you. These people scare the poor cats with their screams.


Bean on his birthday

Fortunately, there are many cat lovers around us as well.I call them “The kitty clan” they are my favorite people, they love cats just like you do. Some of them have a cat and some just cannot keep them as pets because of different reasons. They usually are your cousins or friends who really like your cat. They would come and cuddle with your furry friends, snuggle with them, give them a lot of belly rubs, take tons of selfies with them and leave your house happy with a coating of cat hair all over their clothes. These people are the ones I want around me to fight back and scare away with the anti-cat brigade.


Coco the queen






  1. haha hope u dont scream.beain scared is ok ,screaming is not.Also this brigade doesnt includes people who are allergic to cats.coz thats a genuine reason to keep away.


  2. I am a cat person, I know a lot of cat people, & I think that qualifies me to say that most of us are a bit weird! It’s all part of cats’ grand master plan to make us all lose the plot so that they can take over the world! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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