Remember waiting to harvest your crops and rushing to feed your animals in “Farmville” game you used to play on your Facebook? Now don’t tell me you did not play Farmville at least once in your life! A huge number of Facebook users played that game a while ago. Farmville by Zynga was the most played game on FB that kept people engaged and keep coming back on their social media to check on their crops in the game. Later Farmville2 was available for smartphones and it was as popular as Farmville. When it comes to Android gaming apps, there are a number of games that used to be on everyone’s phone and now mostly forgotten about. Every day there are more and more new apps pouring in with better graphics, lesser glitches, and great animations so people tend to get bored with a particular game and uninstall it but there is always something new in the market for them to download and play.

Here are a few games that were all the rage once and now they are not as popular as they used to be.

ANGRY BIRDS: ba52e22b5d78a45f36f99906abd39c1afee0c1bb

Who doesn’t love angry birds? Those cute furry birds were so loved a while back and are still quite admired. There was a time when I used to keep killing those bad piggies by hitting them with my cute chubby birds all day long. Angrybirds series by Rovio was highly popular among kids and teens; it was a good way for spending your free time. There are a number of games in Angry birds series such as Angrybirds Rio, Angrybirds space etc. This game is not as popular these days as it was before.

FARMVILLE 2 Country Escape:farmville-2.jpg

FarmVille 2 by Zynga came around in 2014 and it was available for smartphones. It also had the same features like planting and harvesting crops, feeding animals and other farm stuff. I got tired of it quite soon and uninstalled Farmville. It was entertaining but time-consuming so I thought it was enough farming for me and got rid of my farm 😦

CANDY CRUSH SAGA:candy-crush2.jpg

Candy crush by King was so popular that it became annoying after a while. Remember logging on to your Facebook and there are like 28 notifications informing you about candy crush requests. It is an addictive game where you match and swap similar candies to remove them from the board. It is a good puzzle game but became a headache so I deleted like many other people who loved it. Candy crush is also less popular now than it was a few years back.



Published by Imangi studios, Temple run was an exciting running game that people loved. We used to spend our extra time by running endlessly avoiding the obstacles and monster monkeys in the temple. It had pretty cool graphics which I loved. Unfortunately, like many other games, it started boring me and got deleted as well.



It is also a running game by Kiloo. It was played by a huge number of people including kids, teens and adults as well. In Subway surfers, a character has to run away from a cop, collect coins and avoid trains. It is highly entertaining in the beginning but boring after some time.

There are a number of people who still love and passionately play the games listed above.However,there is a decline in overall popularity and they are not as popular than they used to be.

There are new games and apps launching everyday but everything gets uninteresting after sometime. For example there is this new game called Ludostar which is highly popular in Pakistan .Mostly you will find users that are Indians, Pakistanis and Saudis. It is a plain old board game that is in almost every house in Pakistan but the phone version got so popular because it had a chat feature as well. You can talk to you opponent while playing. I think this feature is the reason why Ludostar is famous, people are using it more as a chat tool. As I said ,everything becomes unexciting after a while so let’s see how long this game will last.



  1. Oh my god I remember candy crush used to be a pain notifications all the time I hated when my notifications were full all the time 😕 I don’t like games on my phone because battery 😩 but I used to play temple run for a little while

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  2. Interesting post, that’s the thing about mobile games they rarely last. My opinion is they do not have enough content (because they can’t) they are restricted in what they can do, unlike PC, Xbox, etc games. In a sense they are a bit like fashion trends they come and go, and most are very similar as are games like these. But that’s my opinion.


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