Studying abroad is something a lot of people dream of .It is a life time opportunity when you are able to study and quench your thirst for travel at the same time. It allows people to see new places, learn new languages and explore different cultures during their study period. There are many good universities in Sweden that offer degree programs for international students. Admission procedure is very simple; all you need is access to their admission website,find the course you are interested in,have  a good score in an English language proficiency test such as IELTS or TOEFL and an excellent academic record.


Life far from home:

The experience can be life changing for many students as they get to meet different people from all over the world and learn new things. Living in Sweden is a beautiful and memorable experience. The stunning greenery everywhere soothes the tired eyes, very old but well kept brick buildings and churches keep the students admiring their architectural beauty. The food is awesome and the people are very polite and helpful. Living alone also give students a sense of freedom and responsibility. As far as the study is concerned, the student-teacher environment is very friendly is Sweden sometimes the teacher even asks people to call them using their names. No formalities are required which creates a friendly relation between them that later helps in communicating better.

Difficulties of studying abroad

  1. HomesicknessDQmT8cHH93aie9NBJGUwMAzoe9NWQXBNNTL6SLCp19YhKYK.jpg

Apart from all the good aspects of living and studying abroad, the problems international students face cannot be ignored. Homesickness is the first problem that is seen among the new students. Leaving the home and family behind to study in a different country causes mental and emotional problems which effect Studies.My University had a doctor assigned particularly to do the counseling of students who are suffering from home sickness. They offer solutions and short breaks even during an ongoing semester if the student seems extremely disheartened.

  1. Financial problemspiggybank_alamy_2345218b

Most of the international students are usually from developing countries and living in Europe is too expensive for them. Most common problem is paying for the accommodation; even if it’s a dorm room it can cost a lot if you are from a developing country because of the difference in the value of currency. Food is not that expensive in Sweden but transport is very costly so many students work part time to improve their financial condition. Swedes usually ride bicycles to travel short distances and students do the same to avoid paying for buses and to keep the environment clean.

  1. Extreme weather 

Sweden is a cold Scandinavian country. Most of its cities are cold throughout the year, so if you can’t manage to travel and work in negative temperatures wearing ten layers of clothing you should not choose it as your destination.


My amazing freinds

The problems people face during their study period are not that big if we look at the good things studying abroad offers us. I studied and lived there for three years and like every other student who went there, I can also say that it was the best time of my life. The culture, food, lifestyle and natural beauty is mesmerizing. People are nice and helpful, the food is delicious. You make a lot of new friends from different countries and this diversity in classroom is the most awesome part of studying abroad. Literacy rate of Sweden is 99% which is admirable because everyone has an equal right to study. Studying abroad is a great opportunity which more students should try and Sweden can be a good destination for this purpose. It changed me as a person, broadened my mind and taught me how to love and respect different cultures.





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