Nan-Khatai is a type of desi cookie commonly available at every bakery in Pakistan. It is a tea- time snack made from flour ,butter and sugar. I used to like it but I wasn’t a fan until I tried Nan-Khatai from Khalifa bakers Lahore. Someone went to Lahore and brought a box of this deliciousness as a gift .Living in Karachi , all I knew about Lahore specialties was phajje key Pae. This Nan-khatai is so yummy and fine in quality; I suggest everyone going Lahore must bring dozens of it on their way back. Here are a few things that make it so special…

  1. The Texture: First thing you notice in a biscuit is the freshness and crunchiness of it. This Nan-khatai is so crunchy and delicious that it can easily get anyone addicted to it.
  2. The scrumptious Almonds: Nan-khatai from Khalifa is full of fried whole Almonds which makes it extra mouth-watering and chewy. The taste of Almonds with the sweetness of Khatai is just heavenly.
  3. Desi Ghee Ki Khushboo: Anyone can tell after the first bite that this Nan Khatai is prepared in Desi ghee. I used to hate the scent of Desi ghee but this product made me fall in love with the rich aroma of Desi ghee.
  4. Melts in the Mouth: You will fall in love with it because of its melt in mouth texture.It is so addictive and scrumptious that even I’m drooling while writing this post. This is my personal opinion about this Nan-khatai that I wanted to share with  you guys. I have never visited Khalifa Bakers but I’m sure that every other thing  there must be as good as these Nan-Khatais. I think it is a great gift to bring for your friends and relatives when coming back from Lahore.


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  1. I love these biscuits. whenever we go to Lahore or if anyone is coming to Karachi I order my share because i simply love them. you’re right they are super fresh and yummy


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